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Alison is amazing.  All week she is helping photographer/videographers while getting stopped every 2 minutes for a picture.


Play Nice stylist Alison Isbell hanging out at Milk Studios.

Photo By: Steven Stone


thank you, jamie!


Calivintage & Tom Ford

milkstudios: Milk Studios’ fashion week mash-up. Watch it standing up and you might just begin to float.

Erin Fetherston at MILK

Perhaps I might not be the best person to say this, mainly because I have been absolutely enamored with Erin Fetherston’s work for years now, but I really have got to say that I really enjoyed the Fall 2011 collection she presented at MILK Studios on Saturday. Lots of black, white and gold dresses, as well as tassels, bows, glitter make-up and milk-maid braids. I’m pretty sure those girly girl braids will continue having a strong comeback after this show.

All in all, lovely (even though my fellow Tumblrer Rachel begs to differ!)


Lobby at the Gramercy Park Hotel.

Photo by Sabino


Last night consisted of dinner at Philippe Chow’s restaurant, “Philippe’s”, with Nieman Marcus’ fashion director, Ken Downing. The food was fantastic (“Philippe’s” is considered to be one of the best Chinese food restaurants in the City- which is a lot to say), and Ken and his crew were genuinely charming.

Picture by Sabino 


Tumblr+NYFW: the Introduction

I know I don’t address you guys on a normal basis- it’s not my style and I wouldn’t want to bore you, so I’d just rather fill your dashboards with beautiful images instead of words- but after word came out that I was selected as one of the 24 tumblrers invited to New York Fashion Week, I thought this might be a great opportunity to do so. As I’m sure a lot of probably were, I was extremely surprised to be among the “chosen ones”. Although my Tumblr is over two years old and I have an incredible group followers, I never considered it to fall into the category of a “fashion blog”, but more as a Tumblr with a marked aesthetic preference which happens to touch upon fashion, and I most definitely never thought it might ever be considered for an amazing event such as this.

So when thinking of how to make the best of this opportunity and how to share it with all of you guys, I started by first looking at what my talented fellow fashion tumblrers had to offer. Sabino, for example, is an extremely acccomplished photographer so I’m sure his experience at NYFW will be largely based on capturing images there. Erin, from Calivintage, will most likely show the lovely outfits they’ve chosen for each occasion. Sara and Rachel  (sarazucker and darklamb) will probably use their knowledge in fashion to give you their perspective on the subject when we get to go to shows, lunches and conferences. 

My interest in fashion, however, differs a bit from the others. I am about to begin my last semester as an Art History major, where I have specialized in the history of fashion, and thus it occurred to me that my focus should be on the history of the components that make New York Fashion Week the recognized event we know today.  Sound to boring for you? I’ll try my best for it not to be. This a new experience for me, so I’ll be open to hearing from you in order to keep improving myself.

And guys and gals, thanks a lot for your support. I really hope to earn my spot among these amazing people and make this experience as amazing as it probably will be.

Thank you!