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popculturebrain: ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel' gets built in Legos

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Maybe you’ve just started to pursue a higher education. Maybe you’ve spent your adult life paying off debt from school. Either way, you’ve probably got questions about why college costs so much, what can be done about it, and if it’s even worth doing in the first place.

You should ask those questions to the President of the United States.

On Tuesday, June 10, our Founder/CEO, David, will head down to Washington to host a live conversation about education with President Obama. David will ask your questions. The President will answer them, out of his mouth, in front of the world.

(The White House will also be picking out a few question-askers to join us in person. If having the President’s ear isn’t enough, maybe standing on his carpet is.)

Submit your questions by midnight on Sunday, June 8. Then tune in to the White House Tumblr on Tuesday, June 10. See you in DC!

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lesbeehiveLes Beehive – Kirsten Dunst by James White for Madame Figaro, May 30th, 2014

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jeanpatchett: Jean Patchett / Revlon 1955

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Tim Walker, Rose Wallpaper, London

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Vogue 1952 Cover

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