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Twenty-something Art Historian and Political Scientist working for the United Nations in NYC.

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I Can’t Resist A Good Tumblr Trend.


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Name: Indie Rawk Jeffro.

Nickname: Jefe, Alt-Bag, Fucking Hipster, Music Snob, Kid With No Nose, Gentle Lover.

Tumblr Name: IndieRawk. Pretty Creative, huh?

Age: 23, but 9 in fictional comic years or 26 if you ask other people. Whatever. I’m an ageless beauty.

Birthday: November 17th.

Location: Chicago, Illinoise.

Current school/job: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign alumn with a degree in Coolness, snarky music/indie culture blogger, that dood in the back of a concert who thinks the band is better on album than live, general booger underneath the Desk Of Society.

High school: School’s out for-evah! Or rather, Glenbard West, where (back then) no one appreciated Weezer’s Pinkerton more than me.

Status: I don’t mean to seem like I care about this status, but I am desperately single.

Hobbies/Interests: Music, music, writing creepy letters to Emily Haines, music, concerts, listening to Pavement till my ears bleed and I pass out, collecting vinyl, maybe blogging, music, looking at the American Apparel website and thinking “I wish I could afford that, but damn the shipping costs,” being indie, music. Did I mention music?

Random fact about you: No nose, four fingers, and immaculately messy hair.

Do you smoke/drink: I enjoy a good (sic) PBR, High Life, Schlitz, or Old Style, but I will never blog drunk. I’ll hit on girls way better than me, yes, but I will not blog drunk. And I don’t smoke, but if I did it’d be Parliaments… so, if I ever wanted to do coke, I can use the filter. It’s cool to snort coke, right?

Favorite Tumblr blogger: This one.

Why Tumblr?: It’s indier than Blogger, less emo than LiveJournal, and my brain has rotted from listening to too much music to even remotely comprehend WordPress.

HAHAHAHA, Thank you, Jeffro!

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