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Twenty-something Art Historian and Political Scientist working for the United Nations in NYC.

neverbreakthechainuntitled by audreyhepburncomplex on Flickr.

“I don’t really deeply feel that anyone needs an airtight reason for quoting from the works of writers he loves, but it’s always nice, I’ll grant you, if he has one.”

- J. D. Salinger

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neverbreakthechainuntitled by audreyhepburncomplex on Flickr.

theniftyfifties: Joanna McCormick and Ivy Nicholson in summer fashions, 1957. Photo By Nina Leen.

lozathemoza: new years morning 7am 1930

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The Royal Tenenbaums in Print

“What characters? This is a bunch of little kids dressed up in animal costumes.” 

family is a many-splendored thing… well, it’s definitely *a* thing, anyhow.

in honor of The Royal Tenenbaums’ impending blu-ray release, the folks over at Criterion assembled a gallery of the books and magazine covers that appear in the film. 

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Jean-Luc Godard in Paris during the May 1968 protests.

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