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bbookMarina Abramovic, Rhythm 0, 1974

“What I learned was that… if you leave it up to the audience, they can kill you.” … “I felt really violated: they cut up my clothes, stuck rose thorns in my stomach, one person aimed the gun at my head, and another took it away. It created an aggressive atmosphere. After exactly 6 hours, as planned, I stood up and started walking toward the audience. Everyone ran away, to escape an actual confrontation.”

Leonardo DiCaprio as Jay Gatsby and Tobey Maguire as Nick Carraway in clothing by Brooks Brothers.

Carey Mulligan, pictured here wearing a dress by Catherine Martin and earrings from the Great Gatsby Collection by Tiffany & Co., stars as Daisy Buchanan in Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby,which opens May 10.

gemmalardph: Tim Walker

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sabinoby ariko inaoka

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suicideblonde: Marilyn Monroe photographed by Milton Greene in 1956

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Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan in May’s “Vogue”

Lily Cole/I-D Magazine January 2004

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