Audrey Hepburn Complex


Twenty-something Art Historian and Political Scientist working for the United Nations in NYC.

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"The Royal Tenenbaums", 2001.

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”My work with Jean-Luc was always a kind of gift. Because all these different parts all the time. If you put all the films he did with me next to each other you’ll see they’re so different every time. I mean Marianne has nothing to do with Angela in A Woman Is A Woman or Odile in Bande à Part or nothing to do with my part in Alphaville… I think that was truly a gift because all the parts were so different every time. I like to change everything. Be somebody else.” - Anna Karina

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10022-shoe:Always in the mood for a Mad Hatter Tea Party in Valentino

 - Photo Credit: Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg from Ann Street Studio