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Twenty-something Art Historian and Political Scientist working for the United Nations in NYC.


Jemima Kirke photographed by Frances Tulk-Hart

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kkristenjae asked: What do you do for UN? :)

Hello there! I work for the UN Security Council. Lately I’ve been covering Ukraine, which has kept me pretty busy :)

Apply to be a Tumblr Fellow at the 2014 Personal Democracy Forum ›


Using Tumblr to change the world? To change it for the better, presumably? Then you’re just the kind of person we’d like to send to the 2014 Personal Democracy Forum.

It’ll be two days of debating the present and charting the future with brilliant minds from across the political spectrum. It’ll be in New York City. It’ll be amazing. Apply now.

Seems like such an amazing oportunity! I would encourage all of those who are interested in technology, politics, government and civil life to apply.

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papermagazineDr. Seuss through the eyes of Shirley Kurata. Coat by Comme Des Garcons.

onlyoldphotography: Vivain Maier: Untitled, 1956

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Janine Niépce

Jeune fille sur la passerelle des Arts, 1962

From France by Niépce/Duras

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eleonorebridge:Nouveau post sur le blog :

wesandersonpalettes: Mendls heaven.

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Jenna Souers

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