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Twenty-something Art Historian and Political Scientist working for the United Nations in NYC.

theniftyfifties: Jane Russell in ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’, 1953.

Yayoi Kusama in her New York studio, 1960.

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Title: The Moon Song (Studio Version Duet) Artist: Karen O featuring Ezra Koenig 436,219 plays


The Moon Song (Studio Version Duet) - Karen O featuring Ezra Koenig

In this new rendition of “The Moon Song,” Karen O is joined by Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig. “I wrote the song as a duet,” Karen O explained. “I was really excited at the prospect of getting to record it with a male vocalist. Ezra was super cool and open, he slipped into character like a champ and damn he’s got the goods.”

A special three-song EP of “The Moon Song” arrives this week on iTunes. 

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"Une Femme Est Une Femme" from Lula Magazine, Issue 19.

High femmespiration

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